Political artist Suzannah B. Troy video blogs about Monserrate, Bloomberg, and oh yeah Paterson.

In the early morning hours of Thursday March 11th a woman was brutally attacked by a single perpetrator in a bathroom stall of the Midtown bar Social, located at 795 Eighth Avenue.  Thanks to everyone's great efforts and the immediate action from the NYPD, the suspect is in custody.

Sadly, for those like the writer who has family in Israel, survivors of the Holocaust, recent activities by the Bibi Netanyahu government reduce the likelihood of what Israelis need and want: peace and security.  On a wide range of issues the Israeli government, in the hands of religious extremists and dreamers of a Greater Israel, appear to have taken steps that guarantee continued hostility with the Palestinians as well as with the Arab states surrounding the tiny democracy. 

Community Board #2 Manhattan and New York University present PARKING: OUTSIDE THE BOX, a panel discussion on new approaches to street parking. The event will be held on Tuesday, March 9th, from 6 PM to 8 PM at NYU's Casa Italiana (24 West 12th Street). Panelists include parking experts from DOT, Columbia University, the Institute for Transportation Development Policy and Transportation Alternatives with a Q & A session will follow the discussion.

Since money makes the world go round, Mr. Bloomberg has been re-elected. His $90 million certainly made the difference, but not enough to give him any kind of “mandate” (though listening to him, he has one of those as well). The incredible slimness of Bloomberg’s (AKA “Bloom- bucks”) victory has been noted by those journalists who still write a few lines not favorable to our well heeled mayor.

The pace of construction has slowed Downtown. The new projects that are moving forward are primarily hotels. In part, this is due to the fact that little community review is needed when building as-of-right structures in a manufacturing zone. The Trump SoHo project is nearly completed and both the Tunnel Garage and Moondance Diner sites are in final stages of construction. The condo project at 350 West Broadway is also nearly completed...


Senator Squadron and Assembly Member Millman’s bill that will close a loophole in the 200-foot law, intended to keep nightlife establishments a reasonable distance from schools and places of worship, passed the New York State Senate today. The bill clarifies the 200-foot law, requiring the 200-foot separation to be measured from the property line of the nightlife establishment. The clarification creates a clear, enforceable law that nightlife operators can adhere to and communities can rely on. It will similarly amend the 500-foot law to clarify that the measurement take place from the property line of the nightlife establishments in question.

"The SLA and DCA Licensing Committee of Community Board #3 meets on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 6:30 pm at the JASA/Green Residence (200 East Fifth Street at Third Avenue) to look at various new and renewal liquor license applications in our immediate vicinity. Please attend this meeting to press the committee to reject these applications. We do not need one more bar around here."

"This is not a matter of legal nuance - this is a matter of right and wrong. Any effort to intimidate or control a victim of domestic violence is just plain wrong. It is despicable. And it is unlawful. We pay the State Police to uphold the law and to protect victims, not to intimidate and pressure them."

Don sits down with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Director Andrew Berman.

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