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Has it really come to this?  The Working Families Party is holding a contest to find out which renter really has it worst.  Points that will work in your favor:  no heat, unsafe stairs, rusty water, rats.  Wow the winner must be so lucky….  Well at least they’ll have a month’s rent paid for so they can enjoy their hell hole.   

Downtown community activist and author of the blog, Save the Lower East Side, Rob Hollander once again shares his views on government regulation on development.  What do you think?

Important notices about important political events! 

The Working Families Party was formed by a grassroots coalition of community organizations, neighborhood activists and labor unions.  They identify as a party of the people; their goal to build a society that values and advocates for all of its members. 


In an attempt to plug the budget gap in a deteriorating economy and keep the cash flowing the “terror level” has been raised in order to keep the citizenry docile. With no attacks by Al Qaeda, the prospect of maintaining a high alert (it requires cash, after all) becomes a little thin. Suffolk County is not exactly the first target on the mind of Bin Laden. Of course, the real 1000 lb. gorilla in this case is known as Derivatives. 

United Democratic Organization's Annual Fundraiser
Thursday, May 7th
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Yogee Restauarnt
85 Chrytie Street 
Tickets: $100 
For information, call 212.219.8461 or email vandhkee@juno.com.

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Buffalo Exchange is one of our favorite vintage shops because of its hip and eclectic collection of clothes and accessories. This Saturday the store will give us another reason to love it (as if we needed one) by honoring Earth Day with a special dollar sale.
 “A dollar sale?” you ask.  It’s what you think it is. 

Important notices about important political events!

Preservation consultant Erica Avrami will moderate a panel of experts to discuss the importance and difficulties of preserving buildings and making them sustainable.

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