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If train travel is so much less polluting than driving or flying, why are passenger rail options in the U.S. so limited compared to Europe? And is anything being done to shift more travelers over to American rail lines from cars and planes?

Richard Aborn, candidate for Manhattan DA, will rally with heavy hitters from New York’s progressive core to unveil the broadest and most diverse coalition of women of any candidate.

Let’s start with a small review of history; the stock bubble of 1929.  Then, as now, there was an excessive debt behind the collapse but most people either owned their homes outright or had a conventional mortgage requiring decent equity.  A lot of them, of course, were in the stock market, but nothing like now (401k’s), and there were no credit cards or car loans either. 

"Earlier today, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau announced the indictment of 13 people and one company in a $100 million fraud and conspiracy case. These are crimes that hit both Main Street and Wall Street, and nowhere else in the country are the fortunes of those two areas so closely joined." 

In response to Saturday’s brutal attack on Joe Holladay who was assaulted by a group of men who reportedly shouted anti-gay slurs, Richard Aborn, candidate for district attorney, today condemned the attack and called on the NYPD to investigate the incident as a potential hate crime.

If it’s a U.S. industry that has the potential to be cleaner and greener, chances are the Obama administration has already set aside some stimulus money for it. In February 2009, the new president signed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. 

From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine
Dear EarthTalk: I know of solar power systems that people can put on their roofs to generate electricity or heat water. Are there systems that serve whole neighborhoods? -- Lee Helscel, via email

The GVSHP gathered over 200 letters which we will deliver to Mayor Bloomberg, NYU President Sexton, local elected officials, community boards, and members of the NYU Community Task Force saying that NYU must abide by its commitments to seek locations outside of our neighborhood if it is to expand, and seek to re-use buildings rather than demolish them.  We need to keep that momentum going!

If you’ve been around long enough, stayed moderately active and somewhat lucky, you will have run into an assortment of interesting people who have left lasting impressions.  So this is a collection of memories covering political (and other) types that have settled in my head and now find their way on paper.

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