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Shocked! Shocked! Shocked! House Republicans, whose most recent president politicized many of the Federal government's major agencies, have written a letter to President Obama accusing him of politicizing an important project in 2010—namely, next year's national Census.

Volunteer community organization, the SoHo Alliance, has sent out an advisory about
a 9-story office building that’s under consideration for 47 Grand St., on the southwest corner of Grand St. and West Broadway.  The proposed development would be the tallest in central SoHo and would need special variance permits to not violate current zoning laws.

Thanks to Mommy Poppins for the heads up.

How can you tell if your friends have raised spoiled brats or not? Simple: give them a spontaneous, no-occasion-I-just-think-you're-a-swell-kid gift. But make it a used gift. It should be in good shape of course, but there should be no protective plastic or fresh price tag on it. If they say, "This is old! You're lame. And old!" then you know that it's time to to speak with your friends about sending the little bugger to military school. Or at least Outward Bound.

New York City residents finally have a chance to voice their concerns on the threat natural gas drilling poses to their drinking water supply. The hearing will address the threat posed to 90% of New York City’s drinking water supply by a plan to drill for gas in the city’s upstate watershed.

The proposed Billboard Scaffolding Bill (Intro 623) would allow billboards to go up on work scaffoldings, which proliferate the city. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation opposes, suggesting the billboard scaffolding would have a devastating impact on small businesses.

We just got wind of this event; it takes place tomorrow night but is worth juggling your schedule for. Read on:

Please join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to benefit The New York Firefighters Burn Center in honoring:

The Association of Community Programs for the Homeless (A.C.E.) will hold an auction this Thursday, March 19th to benefit their homeless rehabilitation programs.

It is already March and for the Hamptons’ real estate-driven economy— where the only form of financial engine pays for everything from summer rentals, to hamburgers, to newspapers— desperation has begun to set in.

Election rumors in the Town of Southampton are heating up.  Between missing money (that no one can seem to find) and the implosion underway in the economy, it will take clean hands and moral strength to pull the Hamptons through this storm.


On Monday, March 16, 2009 at 10 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, the Council will hold a hearing on a package of legislation designed to preserve and protect our City's affordable housing supply.  By participating in this hearing and speaking out on the need to strengthen rent protections, you can help us send a clear message to Albany that control over rental housing must be returned to our City's leaders.  

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