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Important notices about important political events!

If you were to tell me that you are a mentalist, a “mind reader, well I’d say, “prove it!”  Mike Harris, the REAL Mentalist plans on it. 

Preservation consultant Erica Avrami will moderate a panel of experts to discuss the importance and difficulties of preserving buildings and making them sustainable.

God spoke to Al Franken.  First, he decreed, gain fame on SNL.  Second, said God, become notorious for your political satires.  And third, progress into politics.  Franken listened. 

With the contentious races for several political offices, it’s no surprise that even the clubs are giving off some heat.

The National Audubon Society, Audubon New York and New York City Audubon recently worked with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to build Chimney Swift towers as a means of laying out the welcome mat for this fast declining migratory bird. You'd appreciate a welcoming home too if you had just flown all the way up from Chile.

As the politicians and media play out their roles in the recent real estate hysteria in the Hamptons, all eyes are looking away from the mismanagement and incompetence in the face of this financial Armageddon.

Having spent 40 years in a corporation, mostly in middle management, I see the culture issue from a different viewpoint—on the receiving end of top management decisions. From that vantage point, our new president may be overly optimistic.

The Far West Village, also known as the C6-1 zone, has been targeted by developers looking to place oversized commercial developments because of its outdated zoning rules. The zoning district, enacted in 1961, encourages “very out-of-scale hotel, dorm, and office development” and last year the district was targeted by a developer who wanted to build a 100 ft. tall hotel.   

This Saturday bring your little ones to the Early Stages Storytelling Benefit.  Activities include face painting, storytelling and music, and raffle prizes.  All proceeds will go to the Early Stages Organization.

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