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The Republicans recently discovered a new left-wing plot. C-Span asked more than 60 American historians to rate our presidents, repeating a poll that was held in 2000. Their results placed Bush II at number 36, behind Herbert Hoover and only slightly above Warren Harding—who spent a good deal of time playing poker—and William Henry Harrison, who died one month into his presidency.

OSO is the steakhouse for locals in the know.  OSO serves all three meals but I would argue dinner is the best.  Executive Chef Brian Naylor uses locally produced ingredients to deliver plates that possess equally unique and scrumptious flavor combinations.  OSO is comfortable, yet has a distinctly European flair that would suit either wine or espresso.  I suggest you order both… after desert of course. 

The landmarked Community Center, formerly PS 64, is in shambles and local officials and community activists want to end the neglect. 

The Immigration Coalition will celebrate its City Advocacy day with a breakfast gathering and a march to City Hall, culminating in a rally to discuss the many issues affecting New York immigrants.

In February the New York State Assembly passed a housing reform package that included the repeal of the Urstadt Laws and essentially vacancy decontrol.  The Senate’s vote is promised after the completion of the state budget negotiations, presumably in April.

On January 20th, Jasmina Amena went to the doctor and discovered that she had a rare, aggresive form of acute leukemia. If a bone marrow transplant wasn't found soon, she would only have months to live. The right match has yet to be found, which is all the more tragic since Jasmina just recently celebrated her sixth birthday.

The changes that are made or not made, the historic sites that are preserved, and the construction projects that are prevented—all of this is the result of the tireless hours of unglamorous and often unrecognized work put in by (formerly) anonymous faces.

It is difficult for most of us to believe that we now may be looking over the precipice.  A series of Doom and Gloom pieces published here were somewhat unpleasant— but now there is the real prospect of a very serious drop brought on, perpetuated by a deflationary spiral. If you’re out of work in the Hamptons and you’ve been trying to figure out what to do next, there is no surprise about what’s out there.

"The Department of Buildings is about to change the Rules of New York City to allow developers to build illegally anywhere in the city."

The economy is not the only thing to take a hit because of the recession.  According to a report released February 20th Mayor Bloomberg’s approval ratings have dropped 7% since November, bringing it to the lowest ratings since June of 2005.

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