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Topshop has landed stateside in our very own neighborhood and New Yorkers can’t wait to check it out. Customers have been lined up from its Broadway location all the way around the block on Broome St. 

Mingle with you neighbors, business owners, and community leaders at the launch of the new East Village Visitors Center, a meeting point to learn about the historic neighborhood.  It offers brochures on the area and information about historic exhibits, films, walking tours and special events.  The Center is also a Café and offers free wi-fi, $1 organic coffee and delicious snacks.

Okay, maybe you have been laid off. That doesn't mean you get to become a slothful waste of flesh who just sits around staring at Diff'rent Strokes re-runs all day. Nope. You need to get out there and show the world that you can still compete.

Eve Ensler’s renowned compilation of monologues will greet the Latino Community of the Hamptons this Saturday in a Spanish rendition of the famed collection. The show is being performed with the hopes that the monologues’ V-Day message, a global movement to stop violence against women, will reach Latin communities in Long Island. 

People have been trying to get the New York State government to include plastic water bottles in our Bottle Bill, the legislation that decides which containers have deposits and which don't, for years. The Legislature and Governor have finally agreed to make that Poland Spring bottle in your bag refundable, making it more likely to be recycled. But rumor has it that the Senate is backing away from the deal. That's where you come in.

Yet another big building is in the early stages to take root in SoHo, and the SoHo alliance is doing everything it can to stop it.

Shocked! Shocked! Shocked! House Republicans, whose most recent president politicized many of the Federal government's major agencies, have written a letter to President Obama accusing him of politicizing an important project in 2010—namely, next year's national Census.

Volunteer community organization, the SoHo Alliance, has sent out an advisory about
a 9-story office building that’s under consideration for 47 Grand St., on the southwest corner of Grand St. and West Broadway.  The proposed development would be the tallest in central SoHo and would need special variance permits to not violate current zoning laws.

Thanks to Mommy Poppins for the heads up.

How can you tell if your friends have raised spoiled brats or not? Simple: give them a spontaneous, no-occasion-I-just-think-you're-a-swell-kid gift. But make it a used gift. It should be in good shape of course, but there should be no protective plastic or fresh price tag on it. If they say, "This is old! You're lame. And old!" then you know that it's time to to speak with your friends about sending the little bugger to military school. Or at least Outward Bound.

New York City residents finally have a chance to voice their concerns on the threat natural gas drilling poses to their drinking water supply. The hearing will address the threat posed to 90% of New York City’s drinking water supply by a plan to drill for gas in the city’s upstate watershed.

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